The Finnish Medical Convention 2021

The theme of the Finnish Medical Convention 2021 is: Healthy or ill? Being healthy or ill are not mutually exclusive but form a continuum. The dimensions of health and illness in our society relate to the community, individuals and system through prioritisation and medicalisation, for example. What should be treated in primary health care and what in specialized health care? Can care be provided through telemedicine and are there opportunities for more sustainable health care in improving multi-professional health care chains?

Doctors often have to consider the basic difference between illness and normal variation, a property. Doctors bear a heavy responsibility. Proper diagnosis and treatment, as well as a doctor’s support, are important for a patient to be able to continue a normal life through treatment – whatever the diagnosis.

This exceptional time also offers new opportunities. During the Finnish Medical Convention, you will learn how to take advantage of digital means in patient work. How to take part by telemedicine.

In addition to mental health, burnout and incapacity for work, the event programme includes many topics that are often encountered at work, such as diagnosing early dementia, the health of elderly drivers and functional disorders. We offer a wide array of courses. You will also receive a fresh and comprehensive overview of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the media, internet and social media, people gain more and more information about medicine, diseases and their treatments. There is also a lot of misinformation and beliefs. This can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety about health issues. Sometimes even unnecessary tests are carried out. The focus of the physicians’ work and health care resources should be allocated to those actions that are justified and effective.

Welcome to the Finnish Medical Convention! The event will be held online on 13–15 January 2021.