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Health and sustainable development

The Doctor 2020 event deals with health and sustainable development. The theme is both old and new: the concept was born more than 30 years ago, but climate change is now being talked about in a more serious tone than ever before. And health care can not be left out of the debate.

Sustainable development is a broader theme than climate change that includes both ecological sustainability as well as a social, economic and cultural dimension. Our programme includes all of these perspectives. Among other things, we will discuss socio-economic backgrounds to health differences, targeting of limited resources in health care and the dangers of medicalisation.

The doctor’s own stamina is reflected in the course selection. Where can I find the strength to work when everything changes? Can I learn from mistakes, and how can I carry on after a patient injury?

As before, our most extensive national event also offers practical training. For example, participants can learn more about ECG interpretation, common injections, the causes of back pain and the treatment of sleep disorders.


In our comprehensive quality programme, everyone can surely find their own favourites. Courses are open to everyone every day and the extensive and versatile programme of the exhibition area is well worth visiting.

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