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The Finnish Medical Convention 2022

The theme for the 2022 Finnish Medical Convention is Digitalisation – will the doctor and patient benefit? The patient’s ability to have an impact on their own lives depends on, among other things, culture, mental and physical resources, education, age, social position, mental health status, and substance abuse. How will the elderly, people with visual and hearing problems and the mentally handicapped manage in today’s digital world? Or how will an undocumented immigrant know how and where to get treatment?

Doctors are constantly facing challenges with patients with a great variety of backgrounds and life situations. The roles of patient and doctor also change frequently in healthcare. Electronic systems, on the other hand, may either increase or decrease the feeling of security. Virtual applications within medicine are generally considered safe, and technological developments have been seen to benefit healthcare. How do we protect data from being compromised, yet enabling sufficient access to it?

Digitalisation offers many new things: artificial intelligence can perform tasks that previously required a doctor to do them. Modern digital applications can, among other things, help to assess the need for drug treatment, perform imaging, help in rehabilitation, aid in the treatment of mental disorders, and even provide acute care for the elderly.

There are plenty of courses at the Finnish Medical Convention in 2022, and all the virtual courses are available afterwards as recordings until 13 February 2022. The courses discuss various symptoms and illnesses from the viewpoints of, for example, gastroenterology, surgery, neurology and cardiology: when can something be taken care of in primary healthcare, and when is specialised healthcare required? There are a number of courses on the mental health of children and young people, both from the viewpoint of remote care and the challenges brought about by COVID-19. The long-term symptoms of a coronavirus infection, and their diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are all discussed on separate courses.

In addition to the virtual courses, we will also organise the popular face-to-face courses in small groups. The international emergency and resuscitation course will be included again. ECG interpretation can be studied on courses organised both in the morning and afternoon. Systemic errors in the working environment and how to deal with them with the patient and their family are discussed on an interaction course. We also offer courses for treating pain in the upper extremities and back. Orthopaedic clinical research methods can be practised in Töölö hospital, while the examination of patients with joint and back problems is discussed at Meilahti Triangle Hospital.

Welcome to the Finnish Medical Convention! Meet your colleagues in Messukeskus at the opening event on 26 January 2022. The opening event will be held face to face without streaming. The courses will be available online from 26 to 28 January 2022, during which you can give your comments and ask questions from the experts. It’s never been so easy to keep abreast of the latest developments.