Doctor 2018

Change in the focus

The courses available at the Lääkäri 2018 event will offer a wealth of interesting views about change.

Special attention will be paid to the social welfare and health care reform (SOTE). The themes of the event will include the legislative framework of the reform, the role of major health service companies, and the new social welfare and health care centre, which is the cornerstone of the whole system.

Many physicians are looking for change in their work by setting up health care businesses. Lääkäri 2018 will investigate what the role of small service providers will be in the future.

The treatment practices for major national diseases are also changing. Lääkäri 2018 will deal with topics such as back pain, joint diseases, different types of stomach problems, myocardial infarctions and acute care for the elderly.

Physicians constantly encounter new situations in their work. Lääkäri 2018 will also investigate the availability of health care services to a mother and child without official documents. Advice will also be given for the treatment of functional disorders.

See the course programme for more information!